Join DigiEduHack 2020 in November

Join us in solving the toughest digital education challenges in modern age together with your stakeholders and other organizations across the globe - in November 2020. 

Charlotta Järf, Communications Manager, 03.03.2020
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Do you want to make a difference in how we learn now and in the future? We want your organization to join the global movement #DigiEduHack, dedicated to solving the toughest digital education challenges in modern age.

In 2019, we had 33 simultaneous DigiEduHack events happening in 21 countries with 1700 participants. This year we are aiming at having 60 events all around the globe with at least 2 500 participants creating innovative solutions in digital education.

Could your organization be one of the hosts this year? Read all about the process here and check out the DigiEduHack Event Planning Guide

As soon as the European Commission confirms the date for DigiEduHack 2020, it will be announced in all our channels. Then you can sign up as a host on

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The DigiEduHack process is the following:

  1.  Choose a challenge relevant to your organization – we will give you support in refining the challenge
  2.  Plan your event using our extensive DigiEduHack Event Planning Guide
  3.  Promote your event - we provide marketing templates, website space for your event website and global promotion
  4.  Invite your stakeholders and people that matter to you to solve the challenge, and have them sign up through the event website on
  5.   Tap into your hacker’s creative minds to find solutions during a 2-day event, consisting of 24 hours of work (possibility to spread the 24 hours in the two days – not working at night)
  6.  Choose a local winner that will take part in the final DigiEduHack Global Award contest
  7.  Connect with and get peer support from amazing people working on similar challenges around the globe

If you have further questions about arranging a DigiEduHack, please reach out to DigiEduHack Project Manager Ida Andersson

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